Monday, July 31, 2006


Wow, I can't believe July is ending. I guess that means that half the summer is over... Oh well, tempus fugit, but that's nothing new. So today, Monday, we did a lot of work on the garden; or so it seemed. After we finished the postcard booklets for Sara D. Roosevelt Park, we worked on the stencils for the garden. We had to modify each of the stencils to make them match each other. After a stencil was designed and tested, even though it looked good, there still seemed to be something missing. Something could be changed to make it look better, but it was hard to decide how to change it. While the stencil-improving was going on, Yanely was working on the "Water Me!" "Pick Me!" "Grow Me!" and "Plant Me!" signs. It seemed pretty frustrating working with Adobe Photoshop. I guess it's not that easy. Then, we FINALLY went to the garden. We cleaned up, moved the bean plants into a sunnier area, and planted the lettuce into the empty planter. Quite a few kids showed up to help out. It was nice. Well, that's all for today. Peace out.

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