Monday, July 10, 2006


Hi, this is Stephanie andClaire. Today, we started the day off with brainstorming ideas for activities at the garden on Wednesday. Claire ran the discussion beautifully. A few of the ideas we came up with were potato stamps, fun games, and postcard-making. Then, we split up into pairs and elaborated on the ideas. Alex told us how to make good presentations. Mostly, speak confidently and clearly and make eye contact with the audience. Afterwards, we continued with what we did last week; working on the table, studying the Sarah D. Roosevelt Park, and working on the garden. After lunch, we made a whole bunch of postcards for Wednesday. Claire and Em worked on making stencils for the activities at the garden. We went to the garden and cleaned up a lot. We fixed up the fence that kept the dirt from going out onto the sidewalk. We began emptying a planter into pots, which was really hard and tiring. Then, we walked back to Hester St. and took a well-deserved break...until now. Until next time...Stephanie and Claire. Dun dun dun!

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