Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hi people. I'm Jennifer, an intern at Hester Street Collaborative. Everything has been so fun. These few days I went to Sarah D. Roosevelt Park to observe the activities of random people. We want to rebuild the park in a way that fits their needs and make the place even better. Today I helped paint over the newly made wooden table with polyurethane, which apparently prevents water absorption in the wood. I really like the smell of paint, unlike many other people. I'm weird. I heard it was poisonous too. Yesterday I had a mini presentation, and I'm aware that I should be louder and more relaxed. That's something I aim to get better at this summer. Last Friday I worked at the garden, and it was nice and tiring at the same time. I've never been so dirty before, but it's not so bad. I'm very happy with the work here at HSC, and it's definitely going to be a great experience for me.

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