Friday, July 28, 2006

the power of the key

What's up y'all. It's Justin and Eric. There isn't much to say for today because we are only going to be here for two hours. That's because of the workshop on Tuesday, which counted for eight hours of work so we can work three hours less. So we'll tell you what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, we went to the garden at 11 AM. We watered the plants and passed out fliers to kids, inviting them to come to the garden. During that time, we experienced some very funny events. While we were watering the plants, Eric noticed that the two containers were low on water. He suggested that we go fill them up with the hose. Then Eric plugged the hose into the faucet at the side of the school. But, we found out that the knob to turn on the faucet was gone. So we went in to the school and asked the people there to help us turn it on. The janitor helped turn it on with a screwdriver-like object that fits into the missing knob area. When the container was full, we went to find the janitor to turn it off but he wasn't there. The containers were overflowing so Justin went and filled up the watering cans while Eric tried to close the faucet with his hands. And then a miracle, Eric gave up trying to close it with his hands and started playing with the garden keys. He saw a weird object that looked like it would fit into the missing knob hole and it fits! And that's how we saved the garden from overflowing.

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