Thursday, July 20, 2006

an exciting day full of action

Today we arrived to our beautiful, new, fully built table. we divided into two groups one working on preparations for the garden, and the other working on the Sarah D. Roosevelt Park project. The latter organized the postcards and began to create an efficient system of recording the data we have found so far. A design professional friend of Alex's will be coming in on Monday to assess our work so we need to be prepared to present. We printed out the photos we took at the park and made them into very aesthetically pleasing postcards. We need to present the types of people we found hang out in the park, what they do, and their age groups. Yesterday a trip to Columbus park showed us how other parks are used and how their design benefits the community.
The garden group is creating signs to make sure that all the community members know about next DIRT DAY!!! Anybody can come help out at the garden. We are looking for those with experience and without. We will be transplanting the potted plants and maybe sneaking some of the peaches and beans. The peaches are almost ripe but still a little yellow and hard. Maybe we'll make a pie or something to celebrate the harvest.


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