Wednesday, July 12, 2006

work-hard wednesday

Hello, this is Emilija, or Em for short, speaking. Today was the day. We (all of the interns) were going to go to the garden and have a bunch of kids come in and plant and do the many art projects we had planned. Unfortunately the weather predicted thunderstorms and we were forced to accept the fact that our grand plan might not work out. However, despite our grim expectations, we managed to accomplish an impresive amount of work in the garden. We cleared an entire plot, we swept and got rid of all of the annoying leaves, we pruned the trees, and adjusted the vines. We worked hard and were anxiously moving about trying to race the storm so that we could finish as much as we could in the garden. Also, two parents brought in plants, and Ming and I made a successful trip to the materials store and managed to bring back a bag full of disgustingly heavy grout without breaking our backs. Oh, and not to forget, this morning we sanded the table, made certificates, and practiced making postcards. Right now, Alex is in the garden with some other interns and apperently some kids are there too! Today was a grand day after all. I am having a good time at HSC, and look foward to working here throughout the summer. I also am very excited to see the garden progress throughout the summer.

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