Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Hellooo. It's Jennifer again. It's so crazily hot these days. Yesterday we worked at the garden again, and I swept stuff. We also might have drowned the plants because we wanted to get rid of the water from those huge barrels. They should be okay, since they were so dry when we got there. There were also sprinklers in the nearby park, and we ran through them a few times. It felt really nice. There was a CVS Pharmacy, which felt like heaven because it was air conditioned. We bought a small bucket of strawberry ice cream, and that was really good too. Today we printed pictures I took at the park. They actually came out pretty nice. I really want those swings to be fixed, because everybody likes swings. We're also finishing up the big table in the basement, and it's really shiny right now. Stephanie and Eric are putting yet another coat of polyurethane on it.

A few days ago I was covered with sawdust (we were cleaning up the basement). It was pretty fun, and I liked how it came off so easily. Stephanie and I also carried all of Mark's boxes up to the second floor, and it was quite an experience. There was this really heavy box that we carried up the stairs together. It always felt like falling, and I think we disturbed some of those serious looking people on the second floor. The basement is so much cleaner now though.

Work here is fun as always.


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