Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hard at work in the garden

Hi this is Jeanette. I'm an intern working at Hester street collaborative. It has been about a week since i worked here. It's kind of fun working here. Today has been a busy day. In the morning, we were preparing things and events for kids from ps134 that were planning to come back to the garden to help us and also bring in the plants that they planted last time. We were also sanding the tables down because the polyurethane didn't work out. Some of us interns went out to Sarah D. Roosevelt Park to draw on more post cards of things we think needs to be changed in the park. After lunch, we went to the garden to see what we can improve or fix up in the garden. Today was my first time at the garden. Claire and Yanely were pruning the rose bush and trees that were blocking sun light from other plants. Ona and I were mixing dry dirt with the potting soil into pots so that when the kids bring in their plants, we have soil ready for them to put their plants in. Jennifer, Judith, and Stephine were watering the plants and sweeping the dead leaves and dirt in the garden. Eric and Justin were helping to lossen up the dry dirt but they decided to quit so all the girls helped to shovel the extra dirt into the corner of the garden. A lady came in today and bought in the cucumber plant that her child was growing. The lady was really excited. Another lady bought in corn that her child was growing. There wasn't actual corns but there were sprouts. Also there are peaches growing on the peach tree and apples growing on the apple tree. I want to pick the peaches when they are ripe. The tomatoes are growing nicely and so are the peas. The sunflowers are blooming into little flowers and there are some peppers growing too. We found only one strawberry in the strawberry patch. We decided to move all the potted vegetables onto the bunch next to the fence where people walk so that we can attract more people and get them interested in helping out in the garden. We decided to leave the garden when we were done cleaning up, because it sounded like it was about to rain, but when we got back to Hester Street, more people started to come in and wanted to plant their plants into the garden. I had a fun day working at the garden, even though there were bugs everywhere.

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