Monday, November 13, 2006

Whoosh finally a update!

Hey this is Fiona speaking :D!
Finally! We've been too busy to update our blog lately, and we apologize! So, a little update on what we've done this month... We were working on the project that involved the reconstruction of Sara D. Roosevelt Park. We decided to make a documentary, so we could show the community some ideas that can be put to work for the reconstruction. [I think that sentence made sense x.x] . With a lot of group work, spending a lot of our time going to different types of parks around the city, we got our documentary done! I'll put it up on YouTube soon, so everyone can check it out :D We also had a visioning day at the park so people around the community could take part in how they want their own park to look like.

In the mean time, here are some pictures!!

This is one of the pictures from Visioning Day. Children put what they wished their park to be like on these lanterns and they were put up on a string for everyone to see.

These are all the models that the children built. These wonderful creations came from their vof their dream park.

We were so excited with all the children contributing to visioning day that we also took part in it and built our own dream park!

This is me [Fiona] in SDR park, discussing about what the park should look like.

This is Sonya [left] and Anne [ right]. Sonya was a guest, who's a film producer. She stopped by and gave us some ideas and advice for our documentary. Thank you Sonya for helping us, and also letting us use your camera! Look at Anne smiling :P

Look at Jennifer with her shy smile :D

Look at Zhoudi [left] and Winnie [right]. I caught them off guard :D

Kevin waving at the camera! :Waves:

Raymond didn't want to take a picture, so I forced him to...look at his face...he looks all evil x.x

Look at Stephanie, she doesn't even want to have her picture taken. Hehe, Stephanie with her sour face.

Okay! Well, next week will be a lot of fun! We will be heading to the PS 134 garden, and we will clean that garden up so it'll be nice and clean!

I'll be back soon with more updates! :D