Tuesday, July 11, 2006

yay! tuesday.

Hello!!! My name is Ona Vaiva Rygelis, i am 16 years old and an intern at Hester Street Collaborative this summer of 2006. This has been my third day of work and im lovin it! So far i have helped design and build a table, observed people in Sarah D. Roosevelt park, and worked on making successful stencils for the kids at p.s. 134. These are all parts of several projects we have been working on at HSC. The main goal of these numerous projects is to create a pleasant, successful and collaborative community. I never thought that i would be capable of designing a table let alone building one!! I also came to realize the effort put into maintaining a garden. There must be a community or some group of people involved in taking care of and maintaining a garden constantly. I always thought one just plants a seed and voila! The sun and rain took care of the rest! I guess not. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks of working here. I obviously learn something new everyday!

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