Friday, July 07, 2006

Hard and dirty work

Hi this is Justin and Eric. We've just gotten back from the garden that we have been working on. We are exhausted from all the digging we did. We visited a woman, named Diana, who taught us how to print images on T-shirts using a screen. It was okay. Mostly we just mixed the paint, but Eric also put paint onto the screen for me to print the picture onto the paper. We did a lot more at the garden. We dug out a lot of bricks. Eric dug out a few worms. We learned that they live after they're cut in half. It was awesome. The hard part was when the dirt kept coming back down when we dug deep in to the hole so we put on gloves and dug with our hands. To make a tiring story short, we successfully dug a ditch by the fence and we left. Then, we bought soda. It was awesome. Well that's all for now. Peace out y'all. 'Til next time, which is next Friday.

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