Thursday, June 29, 2006

search and construct

Today there came three new interns named Ona, Em and Ming. Graciously welcomed into the Hester street community, they were taken on a walking tour provided and narrated by Mr. Alex Gilliam. The area surrounding the Hester Street Collaborative is home to many different types of conveniant stores such as, paint stores, lumber yards, temples, noodle houses and even brothels. who knew. A visit to the P.S. 134 gardens revealed beautiful ripe cherry, apple and peach trees as well as an abundance of garbage all to be taken into consideration when the future renovation is in action.
Upon returning back top the base, they nourished themselves with treats that can only be found at such prices in our beloved Chinatown, NYC. The red bean buns were exquisit.
The rest of the day was spent trying to find free potting soil, lumber and bricks online. It might be neccesary that a bake sale take place. A table is now in the process of being made. This is more complicated than it seems because the table is actually made from two tables and they are on wheels and they also serve as shelves. we'll see how it turns out.

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