Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's August...

Awww... It's August already! Half the summer's over! Oh well. This is Jennifer again! Hehe. I didn't write a blog last Tuesday, because I had to go to CPC Workshop (Career Exploration). It was so boring, and I'd rather be here at HSC. These days I've been working on categorizing our postcards of the SDR Park in different ways. We categorized them by the area at first, but then we started dividing them by age group and type of activity too. Stephanie and I made different charts for them. Judith, Eric, and Justin are going to go to the park later to pass out surveys. We're pretty much done with our observations of the park, so gathering the opinions of random people seems to be the next step. This might be kinda hard because of the language problem, but there are people who are willing to translate. Last week we presented to the Park Department. I feel much more comfortable with presenting now, so yay! We also had a Pot Luck last Thursday, and we all contributed food from our own cultures. It was very fun! I had a red bean popsicle and some watermelon! Work is very fun as usual, and it's even better now because I've grown closer to the people working here.

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