Tuesday, August 01, 2006

water please!!!

Uhhh! Its absolutely deadly outside. It is supposed to reach 100 degrees today with a heat index of 110. This kind of heat can be overwhelming and can sometimes cause death especially among the construction working crowd. Well, I guess I should consider myself lucky becaue i am not a construction worker but rather an HSC worker. I am privileged to nice cool air conditioning and icy cool people who entertain me and keep me good company. Today was a stencil day. Jeanette and I worked on ways to create a uniform style for the stencils so that the t-shirts and posters that we make are drop dead attractive. We want people who pass the p.s. 134 school to stop in their tracks and gaze at the soon to be garden related mural on the northern brick wall of the school. I drew a lot, and I cut a lot, and I cut some more (the wings of the humming bird took alot of razor edged slicing), and produced three new stencils. Not just any kind of stencils. These were new, sleek and built to perfection. They are durable and reliable. HOWEVER, its not the end. We are still going to have to come up with stencils that have an angle kind of perspective. This is a hearty challenge, one that I am looking forward to plunge my teeth into.
Until next week,
There will be no next week! This is my LAST week at HSC:( . Therefore, this is my last blog! So i hope you enjoyed reading about my lovely days (I hope you also got a little jealous of my superb experience) and I hope you have a nice life.


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