Wednesday, August 16, 2006

bye bye...

wow, its the last time i'll be writing a blog again. well for hester street that is. This is jeanette by the way. It's been fun working at hester street. i learned many things such as using photoshop and using Adobe indesign. Its has been fun. i'm might come back for the fall. Today we continue with our "Garden Sign Factory". Today we had to drill the holes into the signs and glue the mascot signs onto the pieces of wood. Then we spray polyurethane all the signs. Then we used liquid polyurethane to paint the edges and the holes that we made in the signs. This is so that we can have the whole sign polish so that when we hang the signs outside in the garden, the signs won't break apart due to the rain. Right now we are still drillign the holes into the signs and painting them with liquid polyurethane. So toxicating x_X so much.

The Garden Sign Factory:

stephaine, fixing and gluing the signs

me, drawing the holes for where i'm going to drill the signs.

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