Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AYUDA for the Art

Ming here, and yesterday when I was surfing the web, I founded the AYUDA for the art site. The AYUDA for the art is an organization that is dedicated to helping the creative young minds from the urban neighborhoods. The mission of AYUDA for the art is to not only help the artistic ones that need help, but to increase the public interest in the art field in general. By offering scholarships to future artists who have financial difficulties for their college education, AYUDA for the art give those with artistic talent, the opportunity to have a brighter future. These scholarships of course are targeted for high school senior and full time undergraduate students, who majors in art and design in a U.S college or institute. Applicants must also be a New York City resident, and a U.S citizen or a legal permanent resident. In addition, applicants must demonstrate financial needs and have a grade point average of 85(B or 3.0 out of 4.0) or higher. I myself am looking forward in taking up this scholarship, since I am looking to major in the communication design field. AYUDA for the art also offer mentoring program for the scholarship recipients, giving them the opportunity with work with professionals already working in the field that the student are interested in. AYUDA for the art feels that it is important to have mentors, because the mentor serves as positive role models.

To apply for this scholarship program, applicants must have been accepted into a college program and majoring in one of the following disciplines:

  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Advertising Illustration
  • Theatrical Set Design
  • Special Events/Show Production
  • Visual Arts
  • Culinary Arts
  • Music
  • Painting and Sculpture
  • Dance
  • Drama and other performance arts
  • Graphic Design (emphasis on electronic media - television, video, or computers)

AYUDA for the art has hosted many great events that gather together many influential designers together in one place, such as the Fashion Show in 2003. Also 5 fundraising events took place in the last four years to help AYUDA for the art in their mission. AYUDA for the art would be hosting it's 6th fundraising event this fall, on Monday, November 12. This event is known as “A Fashionable Taste of New York”, which would take place at Cipariani, 200 Fifth Avenue between 23rd and 24th street. Twenty of NY’s top restaurant will be providing their signature dishes for this event, also auctions and casinos would also take place in this event. For more information visit the AYUDA for the art site, provided for your under the link section to the left of the page.

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tracey said...

i was just looking at their site yesterday. watch out cause ill be applying for the scholarship.. mindy probably will too lol