Thursday, August 16, 2007

Woh! This is going to be my last blog entry

Today was a pretty long and productive day. Today we presented all of our individual presentations. My internet died yesterday so I had to finish putting the final touches on my presentation in the morning. Soon it was eleven and it was show time.

Being the lucky person that I am, I was selected to present first. But presenting first wasn't so bad for I got it over with and the feeling was pretty liberating. Anyway, my presentation was about how the individual can make a difference in conserving energy. As well all know, global warming is real and it is happening. People think that the individual cannot make a difference but on the contrary, individuals add up together and a big difference can be achieved.
During my presentation, I just told the group simple and effective ways in which we can save energy, whether it is saving water, electricity, or gas there are tips for conserving everything. My presentation was about 10-15 minutes long and I felt that it was pretty decent. After my presentation was over, Dylan gave me a review about my presentation and the criticism was pretty constructive.

The other members of the work group also presented their projects and their projects were pretty successful as well. Some presentation were oral, and others were on powerpoint. No matter what method was used, each one of them was able to convey their ideas effectively. There was also a q and a session after each presentation as well.
Overall the internship here at Hester Street Collaborative was pretty successful. From the silk screening project to the design camp, everything ran ever so smooth. This is all because of the endless efforts of Annie and Dylan. Their support and help was great and none of this would have happened if they didn't do a partnership with Summer Youth Employment Program. Even though I'll be leaving this establishment, I will be taking good memories from it. All in all. This internship is worth doing. If you are ever accepted into SYEP or if you are looking for a place to volunteer your time, Hester Street is the place to be.

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