Friday, August 17, 2007

Where it's "AT" one last time

Good morning for the last time this summer, because this is Annie and it’s my last day here at HSC as a “citizen design” intern. This will be my last blog in this HSC weblog, and I guess it really hasn’t hit me yet. I’m going to miss working here, coming downstairs and chillin’ (sigh) with my coworkers, and doing the relatively easy work we interns do.

Anyways, as a last day thing, we all presented our research projects that we’ve been working on since the beginning. I collected a lot of information and went to about ten gardens, so you can imagine how much work I had ahead of me. I worked hard on my presentation, and messed with the animation features a lot in my very first Powerpoint presentation (shocking, seeing as I’ve been in school for twelve years and never touched Powerpoint). I am proud of my work on community gardens in New York City, particularly in the Lower East Side, which I reported on so diligently. After doing my research, looking at the huge amount of history of community gardens, costs (real-estate space) and benefits (which are countless), and looking at different gardens, I concluded that the gardens are worth being in the city because they preserve the humanity of the communities they reside in. It was a long presentation, though: it took me an hour and ten minutes to finish presenting, much, much longer than everyone else. It was exhausting, but in a good way, as Dylan said haha. Although Dennis, Eric, and pretty much all my coworkers say it was too long, I know it was good.

Working so hard on the project is getting me back into the school mood, which I will definitely need for Columbia. It’s a good end to this job, which I have been working at for the past six weeks. From the silkscreening (and making t-shirts for myself) to the exhaustive design camp to the weekly blog entries (which I’m used to because I have my own blog somewhere haha) to the laughing with coworkers to saying “Good morning!” everyday and generally being enthusiastic, I am going to miss this job. It’s been a great summer with you all, and it successfully completed my goal for the summer before college: to have a fun, lazy summer with friends and earn some money at the same time. Thanks to everyone, Dylan and Anne, to all my coworkers, Dennis, Eric, a-Mindy-ah!, Carmen, Ming, Amanda, the Brooklyn Tech (!) interns we occasionally worked with, and just to everyone and everything for my wonderfully laid-back and even educational summer. Till whenever, this has been where it’s AT. (get it now? A.T.? Annie Tan? Gosh, I’m corny haha).

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