Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Bye HSC, hope to see you soon!!

This is Ming here, writing my last blog of the summer for the HSC blog. Today is also the last for the CPC SYEP interns, including me. A series of presentations by each of the HSC interns, also took place today. First up was Dennis, who talked about the facts on energy usage, and also steps people can take to save energy use. After Dennis was Mindy, she presented on an organization known as CYI, the Chinatown Youth Initiative. In her presentation, she mentioned the history of CYI, its projects, challenges it faces, her interview with the former board executive, and her suggestions on how they can improve CYI. As soon as she had finished we rushed out to lunch, as we get ready for Annie’s 27 pages PowerPoint presentation. Annie who did her research on community gardens in the downtown area had an extremely long but detailed presentation. In her presentation she mentioned the history behind the existence of community gardens in NYC, along with descriptions of different gardens she visited. Even though it was an interesting topic, we were still glad when we finally finished. After a dew minute break, Eric did his presentation on Teardrop Park. And what a odd and funny presentation it was. In his presentation he mentioned the history of the park and described the different parts of the park. Also he mentioned how the park users felt about the park and how they used it, all according to the result he got from his survey. Last but not least was Carmen, who presented about the Van Cortlandt Park. Using the park handbook that she made, she described the history of the park and the different facilities that the park offers to the park users. Also she mentioned 2 group/organizations that help keep the park in shape. Then she finished up the map of the park that I thought should have been in the front.
After hearing all the presentations, I would say that my favorite presentations were Annie’s and Dennis’s. I like Annie’s because I though the history of how community gardens in NYC came to be was really interesting. Her presentation was also really organized especially the yearly timeline of the events that happen through out times. Also I though the many different types of effects that community gardens have on people was really interesting. However I also liked Dennis’s presentation, one was because the way he presented it. The presentation demonstrates humor and it was short and straight to the point, which I liked. Also the topic he presented on was quite amusing, the little notices that he gives really made me want to do something about this problem. Like how when too much rain falls in to the sewer, all the sewer water would be pushed out into the sea, instead of the filtering plants.
As we each finish up our final blog entry, we cherish out last chance to hang out at HSC’s basement workshop. Some would be coming back to work soon, other would be going off to college. Even though we can still meet up sometime we would still miss each other. We will miss all the good times we shared and all the bad times we push through together. So I here by say good bye to everyone and HSC for the summer, and hopefully I can come back and work here again, soon

^In memory of al the good times we had....

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