Thursday, August 16, 2007

Again, Eric is my name..

Hi, my name is Eric Yuan. This is my last week working at Hester Street Collaborative and I will miss the workers at Hester Street Collaborative. During these workdays I have learned a lot such as silk-screening that was really fun and how to take care of the garden. I have to give my thanks to Dylan House.
Today we presented our research project. It is my first time presenting and I was a little shy. I did not make eye contact while I was speaking; I was looking at the paper so I messed up my first presentation. The other workers keep giving me tips that I need to know so the next time when I do my presentation I will rock it! Well the best presentation I think was the best today was Annie Tan and Dennis Chen because of their great work and a great way to present their research project with power point. For my project I did some hardcore research. I made some surveys for the people in the park to fill out and I found out that most of the users love the park.It’s free time for me now. I will be chilling with my friends and doing what a teen is suppose to be doing and I hope I will get picked next year so I can come back and work. Bye Dylan and Annie and all the good workers that helped me out.

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