Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The "Where It's AT" Finale

Good morning once again from the always (of course) graceful Annie! This week was much more relaxing than last week, which was the exhausting but fun design camp with the kids. On Monday we had a post-design camp discussion, and I, the “secretary” for the day, took a lot of helpful notes about how to improve the design camp next year.

After that on Tuesday we went to do a product design study, which meant “discreetly” going to different stores and looking at products that we could possibly get ideas from to make a HSC line of products. I seemed to gravitate toward “DIY” stuff, like these cool cardboard speakers that came in a pretty flat plastic bag; you would have to fold the cardboard and follow the instructions in order to make the speakers. I also found a cool little “How to make your own little book” in the Scholastic store, which consisted of a spiral-bound book, foam pieces that you could use to form different shapes, and a gluestick. I think what would be perfect for
HSC would be something “DIY”-like that could educate kids and that came in economical packaging.

And today, as in Thursday, I, Carmen, and Eric, went off to different destinations to do our research projects. I explored the Lower East Side and, using a map I found online, found a total of ten different community gardens in the neighborhood and was able to acquire four in-depth interviews about four different gardens. It was a very enlightening experience: from what I could see, the gardens were not built necessarily for the environment, but to improve the community around them. I think I’m going to have an awesome project to show next week.
Next week is my last week here at HSC. I can’t believe how quickly the summer passed, and a little more than two weeks from now I’ll be at college, wow. For now I’ll try to enjoy what little time I have left here, hanging out with my awesome coworkers, perhaps making some t-shirts for myself before I leave, and just learning some more. Until my last entry, this, as always, has been where it’s AT.

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