Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Well, hello. This is Dominick Freeman and I feel happy that I can write the first blog for HSC. Well today Iwas a bit nervous, feeling like a computer illiterate once again. I never knew what on earth HTML was all about. My co-worker William Chung and I didn’t know what to do until he found a site that made HTML a bit easier for us. We moved as fast as a snail but we made it through and we have accomplished our first step to our new webpage. (hehe)

I felt an accomplishment by learning the basics but there are other things that made me feel a bit sad.Alex Gilliam, our boss, took us around the corner to see a wall. It was a ugly-stained wall that surrounds the handball and basketball court. The wall was stained with many shades of red and it made me scared because it shows neglect. Even though it was left to peel, the kids still play in the court. They play handball and they still have time enjoying themselves.I looked at them play and I was saying to myself that these kids would like to see something done to the wall. I would like to see something creative done to that wall like a mural that would make it more appealing to the community. If it works out in the end, Chinatown would look much more beautiful and I want to see it glow when I’m walking on the street.

Well anyways, I love to have my first blog posted and I would do some more construction work on the webpage. Now only if I had a manual….

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