Friday, July 01, 2005

Heh, hey. My name is William, and this is my first web blog entry at the Hester Street Collaborative. Woot-woot.

This is my second day working with the collaborative. The first day was a real nervous one. Another intern and I had to setup the exhibit that displayed what they did with kids from PS 134 and MS 131. We put up photos of the kids working and learning from the guest speakers. I was impressed and surprised to see the work the kids had done. Especially the job they did with the flower garden.

Anyways, my second day went well too. I came in too early, cause Anne wasn't here yet. But, another person put me to work. I was like, "Oh man, another boss. Act cool." He name is Alex. He seems alright. Very impressed with his education in carpenting.

Alex gave me a little assignment to pick fifthteen photos that could be postcard worthy. They had to represent what we do here, and look good. Was it a test of my abilties? Nah. I tried to see it as a musuem report. I walked around the basement looking at the images, and writing my analysis. I went to the computer to print out the photos for my presentation. I was all nervous, but Alex said I did alright. I basically said why some images I choose I thought were powerful, and others were fun to have as postcards. Man, I wish I had one night just to write an essay, and be all student like. Wait. What am I saying? I'm out of high school. Why am I still thinking school-ish?

I really like the mural photo (the one displayed). I remember it when it still looked nice. It's suppose to show the endurence of the Chinese immigrants. Now the wall is covered with graffitti. Dang youths who don't appreciate art. I believe it is important that the postcards show what the neighborhood needs fxing, as well as the improvements. Hopefully it can delieve a message to others.

What time is it? I hope my shift is almost over. Ha ha, just kidding. I like it here.

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