Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Hideous Building By Dominick Freeman

This has to be one of the hideous parts of Chinatown. On the Corner of Allen and Division Streets right across the street from the Gas Station, this building has to be the most grotesque thing I ever saw! There is graffiti everywhere the store seems as if it were abandoned for years. Ironically, the only thing that was left clean were the lettering for the store, on top of the countless murals of graffiti at street level.

William Chung and I went on an assignment to find a building that annoys us the most and when we saw this hideous building ...I was speechless! Broken glass on the windows and not to mention the burnt walls surrounding it. But the most scariest thing has to be the color of the facade, a dark, gothic color that makes me want to run away from that block and never go back again. Below the windows there are burnt walls and and a graffiti tag that said HI-5.

There is another part of the street that is just as hideous as the building across from it, the Allen Street malls. The fences are like spagetti; it's all over the place, it spirals around with split ends. The sidewalks looks as if an earthquake struck New York, with one part of the concrete higher than the other, making it dangerous to walk on it and trip. It's the summer and the trees in that mall doesn't seem like its growing leaves, but rather drop chip of bark on my friend William Chung on the arm. I couldn't say more, this part of town needs to be renovated and maintained!

I have some plans that I had to brainstorm as my assignment. For one, I would like to see that hideous building repainted, we need to give some life to a building that is part of our lives everyday. The graffiti needs to be cleaned out, graffiti only shows neglect and always will. I would love to see the street level part of the building to be a nice store or restaurant so people can spending time on that block. For the mall, the trees need some leaves, at least some fake ones to make it look pretty. Sidewalks needs repaving and resurfacing so people can feel safe not to worry about tripping. Also, fixing up the fences and the benches would make it more convenient for people to sit or tak a nice walk on this warm day.

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