Friday, July 20, 2007

Ming's Blog Entry Volume 1

Hello this is Ming here, being isolated in the soundless office, force to write a blog entry for the HSC web log. Yeah just kidding about the “force” thing, but I am writing a blog entry as you can clearly see. Anyway, I am one of the last interns that will be introducing ourselves through the web log. I first learned about this organization through a SYEP job fair hosted by CPC. After roaming the crowed fair, for a while I came to find Dylan and Annie waiting patiently for people who are interested in their job offer. I eventually approached them and got my summer job.

For the past few days we’ve been working on our silk screen project. Our supervisor, Dylan has taught us how these delightful pieces of arts are forged. I was the first one to start the silk screening experience. The silk screening process was really painful, due to the high temperature outside. However I was able to defeat the heat with a few laughers and “JAZZ”. When I finally finished I was so relieved, but I was also disappointed because my silk screen picture turned out really ugly. Even though my silk screen picture wasn’t as nice as others, I though it was still a really cool experience. Being able to learn hands on, how these colorful designs can be form within a short period of time, and without complicated machines.

I’ve also learn how to use adobe illustrator, that which I used to make animal name tags for our design camp that we are about start in a few week. I used this pen tool that make tracing an image on the computer, simple and hassle free. (The image on the right is an example of the Name Tag)

Did I mention about the garden that we have been managing? Well it’s a really cool garden, especially the stepping stones all over the garden, I thought was really cute. This garden has all kinds of things, from tomatoes to peaches, to roses. The lists goes on and on, just trying to and name everything. You can almost smell the fragrance of all these plants in the polluted city air. Also it is really rare to see such a diversity of plants in an isolated area, within the city. This garden in a way reminds me of a book I read before, call “Seed Folk”. This book talks about how a neighborhood built a garden out of an empty lot, which improved their neighborhood. That is kind of similar to what we and the many supporters out there are doing for our neighborhood, and it is what we should be doing. Because who will make conditions better for us then ourselves. Exactly!!

Anyway I’ve wrote too much, its time for me to go home anyway. Do mine the small mistakes; I just scribbled this with a limited time I’ve got on my hand. So I here by say good bye to the fellow views out there, and wishing all a good day.

P.S: I was stung by the rose thorn in the back, because I wasn’t paying attention, and it was really painful. Just though I mention it, and to warn people out there to pay attention when you do things and to watch your back.

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