Monday, July 16, 2007

Mindy's First Week

Hey everyone! This is Mindy Tom (People call me Mindy Tomboy), a summer intern from LaGuardia High School, class of 2008. Woot Woot! I first learned about this internship through the LEARN program from school, a program that introduces students to the real world, similar to the Summer Youth Employment Program. I grew an interest to HSC because the work is very hands-on and tactile.

I just started working since last week and so far, everything has been very fun and new. Dylan taught us how to silk screen and garden (things I do not usually do). Silk screening was an interesting process. We started designing our own stencils to practice silk screening. I made three different stencils, for three different color layers just to complete my design. I had to plan out the color applications carefully since overlapping one color on another made a different color. I am still in the process of completing my design. I hope it will come out right!

Once, while waiting for the screen to dry to silkscreen, us interns got silly and started playing with contact paper cutouts. I made myself a Pringle mustache. It was very foolish looking and hilarious. So far the work is very laid back, but it still wasn’t all fun and games. Then again, we had a lot of fun doing all of this stuff.

One time, we were attacked by a flock of pigeons while walking to the garden. They just swooshed right above our heads! Thank goodness we knelt down. If we didn’t, the pigeons would have rammed into our heads.

Under 90+-degree weather, our hard work and constant sweating paid off. We made the garden nice and tidy. The strawberry bushes, cabbages, cherry trees, apple trees, carrots, lavenders, and other plants were all watered and rehydrated. Tree barks, and loose garbage were all picked up and thrown away. I even found a plastic superhero toy under the soil!

Well it is about time to get back to work! See you guys later!

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tracey said...

you are my sunshine.
my only sunshine.
you make me happy when skies are gray.
(thats what i thought of from that first pic of you) :D LOL

youre pretty lucky.. the only one that gets a comment lol