Thursday, July 19, 2007

The beginning of where it's at...

Hi, my name is Annie and this is my first entry in this blog. I’m one of the “Citizen Design Interns” hired from SYEP, and today is the end of my second week working wit h Hester Street Collaborative. I just graduated from Brooklyn Tech, and going on to Columbia in the end of August, baby. And I’m liking this job so far.

Basically, in the past two weeks we, as in us many interns, have been learning about the organization, how it’s trying to help Chinatown represent itself in the city, and how we can help out the local schools and neighbors. In a quick synopsis, we’ve gardened at P.S. 134, cleaned the whole workshop, silkscreened for future t-shirt printings for P.S. 134, drawn, and done a lot of research. All us interns have to do a research project related to HSC’s mission, and over a period of two to three days I’ve been looking at a huge variety of environmental issues and have tried to find a local organization or issue to research and find out more about. After looking at a huge number of sites, like, a site which reports on a wide range of environmental issues,, the site for the largest community gardening program in the country, and a program online called “Freecycle™” where New Yorkers give away and trade items online. (I’m now a member of that haha.) Yesterday I finally narrowed down my topic to the study of community gardens and green roofs in New York City, and if the benefits they reap outweigh the costs.

Today, me, Dylan, and Eric went to the garden once again. Some of the sunflowers are starting to bloom, and we have some pretty cool strawberries growing, but they’re not ripe yet. But the big problem was with the peach tree, which is leaking out sap through certain parts. Dylan and I took pictures of the poor tree and hoping to look for answers. I looked it up online before we went, and I think it’s something called Cytospora Canker, which weakens tree barks and eventually kills peach trees. It could also be something called the “Peach Tree Borer,” but we won’t really know until Dylan’s tree “expert” responds back. I hope our poor tree doesn’t die, but it won’t under our capable interns’ hands.

Next week I get to silkscreen my “Mr. Sparkle” design (from “The Simpsons”). I’m excited! I’m going to bring my own t-shirt to print it on. Also we’ll be working more on prepping for design camp and the garden. Till next week, guys, this has been where it’s at.

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