Friday, May 05, 2006

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March 31, 2006
Jacelyne Bonilla

Yesterday, in my internship, we were working on the basement; we were working on cleaning and designing the basement of the firm. I started cleaning out a box that was full of tools, papers, and a lot of dust; I got real dirty cleaning it. After I was done, we put all the tools on the floor and put everything that need to go to a specific place for the board on the wall. The tools that needed to go the wall, we put them out together nest to the wall and the other tools either want in the box or in a bin. After that I started putting all the tools on the wall and it came out very nice and organize like the T.V. Today as soon as we got here we started working on measuring the basement that I didn’t measure last week. We did a few sketches from different points of view. When we were done, Alex showed us how to draft. So we started working on one side of the wall. Adam was working on one wall and I was working on the other. Then they ordered pizza for a lunch time meeting and presentation. After we had lunch, heard one architect present, which was very interesting. I was excited to be in an architects meeting and see the way they present and what the present. After that I was finishing the wall of the basement by putting the rest of the tools. Then I when I was done I showed Alex and he fix my mistakes. He showed me how to do doors for drafting, which was my mistake because I did a line but I was suppose to put like 2 or 3 lines. I found this week interesting because of the fact that I learned how to draft, fix a room and wall.

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