Friday, May 05, 2006

L a M p S

Jacelyne Bonilla

Yesterday, as soon as I got there Alex, Adam and I went to a Chinese bakery which was very different from bakeries in the Bronx because the Bronx bakeries are small but here they were big and they hardly spoke English. I wasn’t really hungry but I was thirsty so I bought a Gaterate. Adam and Alex were very hungry so they bought something that look like bread or a sandwich. When we got back, we started working on the basement. My supervisor, Alex, took us to the basement and showed us an exhibit of wooden poles that were on the floor. He told us that we had to think of a way that we can organize the wood and poles that were in the basement. First, Adam and I first were thinking of some solutions that would help us figure out what we can do with the basement, but then every time we thought f a good one, it didn’t work. After we found 2 solutions that we liked. So we left it there so we can talk about it with Alex. After that, we had lunch so we went to eat McDonalds. I was happy that I finally saw food that wasn’t Chinese food because Chinese food makes my stomach hurt too much. When we got back, we started working on another lamp. This time I had to use one of the other models I made and do the same thing I did the last time; draw a sketch and make photo copies of it; then write down the steps so that students can do the lamp. I actually liked this lamp because it wasn’t that difficult and it was fun to do.

Today when we got here, Adam and I started working on printing and organizing our journals for school since we need to do a journal every week. After I was done, we went to the basement and we started looking for wood that was in the back of the basement. The wood had to be about 8-10 feet tall for a shelf they are planning to do in the basement. So while Adam was taking them out, he would pass it to me, and I would place them on the floor. Then, while Adam was hammering the ceiling to see where the beams were at so that he can screw in the shelves, I was taking some tools out a box in the basement and placing them on the wall. Then I started drilling some holes in the wood on the wall for the screwdrivers to fit in the holes. After I was done, I trimmed 2 sheets of paper for some frames that they’ll be putting up. Then I went to lunch to eat some pizza. When we came back, there was a meeting and we decided to attend it. I enjoyed being there because it was very interesting and I really enjoyed listening to the house they were talking about. It was about a mansion in East Hampton, NY, for a real estate agent. It was big, nice, and it had a great view. I would love to live in a house like that. I really liked what we did today because I was always on task and because there wasn’t a time when I felt bored.

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