Friday, April 21, 2006



Hey again, it's Yanely. I know that it has been a really long time since i posted anything but things have been rather hectic. The exhibition that took place at the municipal art society building took a lot of work and time. Also, we had been preparing for the charrette, which we(interns) kind of co-hosted. The charrette was an event that involved the students and teachers down at P.S.134, as well as some of the workers from Leroy Street and Hester Street. We all gathered around to discuss the goals that the students and teachers wanted to achieve with their garden. We discussed some of the things that need the most imrovement and we broke up into several groups. Some of these groups consisted of Plants and animals, garden club, neighborhood, events and scheduling, and identity. Each group worked together to come up with the top three main goals that would be the most productive for the garden. We then broke up the list into long term goals and short term goals. Everyone discussed ways that we could begin to work on the garden right away. The children had great ideas for the way the garden should look and feel to both them and everyone else in the neighborhood. I think that it was a very productive day for everyone and it seems to me that the students really know what they want their garden to represent and how they want to approach this task.


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