Thursday, April 06, 2006


Adam Garcia Internship
U1 3/31/06

This week in our internship we did something new. This week we began to work on organizing the basement. Yesterday (Thursday, March 30, 2006) we started to organize all the tools they had in the work shop .Jacelyne was putting screws in the walls of the work shop so we can hang the tools. While she was doing that I was making a small shelf for all of the screw drivers. Then that shelf was going to be attached to the wall. We put other things that were in the work shop in boxes and bins.
A lot of the people that work here come to work on bikes and they leave them in the work shop. There were about 10 bikes in the work shop. We needed to create more places in the work shop for all of these bikes. So my job was to hang these bikes on one side of the work shop. I had a certain amount of space to hang these bikes and I had to make sure they fit comfortably. I had to measure the place I had to work with and divide that by the amount of bikes we had. When I was finished I could tell that this gave us a lot more space to work on the work shop.
After that Jacelyne and I had to measure the work shop and create sketches s of the work shop to a scale. The scale we used was ¼ of an inch equals 1 foot. To create these drawings we used some thing called a mayline which was like a drawing board; this made it a lot easier to do because it help us draw straight lines.
This week Jacelyne and I also had a chance to sit on a presentation some architects were having. I didn’t really understand everything that they were talking about because they were talking about stuff that you really have to study to understand. They were presenting houses they were working on that are still works in progress. Even dough didn’t really understand everything they were talking about I found it interesting just to be there.


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