Friday, March 17, 2006


Hi my name is Adam Garcia and I am an Intern here at Hester Street Collaborative.I am 16 years old.I am a junior at Pablo Neruda Academy.I come here 2 times a week(Thursday and Fridays).Im here for 10 weeks (March-May).

The past couple of days of my internship have been a little different from the first 2 days in my internship. During the first 2 days of our internship we were always in the work shop. I have been in the workshop but not as much. These pass days my partner Jacelyne and I have been working on making small models of buildings. Today Jacelyne and I went to the actual place were making the model of, and took some measurements of a fence that we were going to make the small model out of. To make these small fences we are using small pieces of basswood. Even though I find this activity a little challenging I do like this entire model making because it is helping perfect my measuring.

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