Friday, March 17, 2006

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Hi, my name is Jacelyne Bonilla. I'm an intern in Hester Street Collaboritve. I will be in this internship from March to May, twice a week for 10 weeks. I go to Pablo Neruda Academy, which is an Architecture school and I'm a junior. I live in the Bronx and i'm 17 years old.

Today was a good experience for me. In the morning, we had to take the cement out of the boxes and then drill it back together; we split the jobs, Adam would take the screws out so that it would be easier to take out the cement. After he was done taking out the cement, he made it smooth. While he was doing that, I was drilling the boxes back together. Then we were observing the cement and to see how it came out at. Some were smoother than others. The ones that were smoother were usually the weaker ones. Then we were sent to the park of a school that Hester Street Collaborative is working with which was about 5 or 6 blocks from the firm. We had to measure the gates of the park (height and width). When we were done with that, we went to lunch to eat pizza. After that, we went back to the firm to look over our measurements. Then we worked on the gates of the model of the school with the measurements we made. I found this day very interesting because I got to go out and explore more of Chinatown. We went to a park in Chinatown and saw kids playing while we were measuring, which was fun.


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