Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lanterns In The Making...Jellyfish Style

Hey everyone! This is Mindy again. It has been almost half a year since the last time I have posted. Well, sadly to say, this will be the last day I will intern at HSC but I will come back to volunteer.

Well, what have we been doing at HSC lately? We helped with a lantern installation at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park with students of M.S. 131. This project was done in relation to the celebration of Chinese New Year. According to the lunar calendar, 2008 is the year of the rat. Using this point, both HSC and students of M.S. 131 used stamps of rats and printed them onto different colored large plastic sheets. Then, we cut these plastic sheets into smaller and more manageable sizes for the students to design and create their own lanterns. They used different techniques in designing and creating their own lanterns. The students twisted and bent the sheets around, used different colors, used various pins and tools to attach pieces together, and used many other ways. After the creations were completed, Dylan and Annie, Leroy Street Studio, and we interns helped attached small battery lights in each lantern. We helped tighten pins, reassembled lanterns, and etc.
The M.S. 131 students who worked on the lanterns:

The materials we used:

Hanging lanterns at Sarah D. Roosevelt Park:

In addition, Tracey and I designed our own lanterns. I wanted my creation to be different and unique and came with an idea of creating a lantern in resemblance to a jellyfish. It was a fun and interesting process. I cut, folded, and attached strips of clear plastic sheets together with pins. Here are a few photos of my creation:

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XING! said...

aww i miss the fun days at HSC. i see the lanterns are more upgraded this year, look very very pretty =].
one more thing, DYLANNNNN~ lol funny picture.