Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Experiences Will Always Be Remembered

Hey this is Tracey. I started out as a volunteer during the summer and became an intern when school started. Well today is my last day at HSC so this is my first and last blog. Anyway, I have had a great experience interning here. One of the first things I learned was to help maintain the garden. My favorite part about going to the garden was the pick cherry tomatoes. It was exciting that a bunch of new tomatoes ripped each time I went there (once a week). I didn’t like going to the garden so much when fall came because then it got cold, the garden looked lifeless, and there were endless amount of leaves to sweep up.

I also learned how to silkscreen which reminded me of my printmaking class in LaGuardia HS. We silk-screened tees as a fund raising project for P.S. 134. It was fun (until we encountered problems but we always managed to solve them) and inspiring. For Halloween, Mindy and I silk-screened our own costumes. We were (defected) Crayola crayons.

Chinese New Years was just last week. Happy Chinese New Years everyone =). It’s the year of the rat and here in HSC we helped students at M.S. 131 make lanterns with rat prints on them. The students came up with some really interesting and funky lamps. Now they are hung all over the ceilings at the office and at the nearby park. They look great at night with the lights illuminating them.

Rat pattern made by me. Well, it has been a fun half year spent at HSC. Good-bye!! I will come back to volunteer/visit in the future.

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