Friday, July 15, 2011

My first week

Julian D. Brown

Hester Street Collaborative

On Monday, July 15 was my first experience at Hester Street Collaborative. Three other interns and myself sat around a table joined by 5 other staff members of the workshop & gave a brief Introduction about ourselves. Then we played a game, more of an ice breaker so that we could get familiar with one another. Each Intern paired up with a staff and told them our interests. After doing that we joined in a together to share about our partner, we told two truths & a lie, and the audience had to guess which were Fact & which was False. Later on that day we were given a tour around the shop & the area of Hester Street as well as all the organizations Hester St works & collaborates with. Later on during the day, we went out with a staff Member to a garden owned by a middle School that Hester St Collaborated with as our first task. We were given a tour around the garden and history facts. We watered plants, cleaned up around the area, Swept, learned names & functions of each plant, & I’m just looking forward to planting some new plants.
On Tuesday, July 16th we worked on the next project which was Silk Screen Printing, coming up with a creation or design that expresses who we are individually. So we worked on just our designs & coming up with a theme for the remainder of the day. We found ideas from things we worked on before in the past & looking into Catalogs, magazines & Graffiti Books. Then we started taking notes on the steps that it takes to get your work on a shirt as seen in store’s & perhaps TV. We then copied our pictures on the computer using Photoshop & adobe Illustrator to perfect & add to our pieces. (How Cool!)
On Wednesday, July 17 we spent all day getting to know & being familiar with using the tools of Silk Screen Printing. After displaying our creations, we chose colors that will reflect our designs. We worked with:
• Lighting Adjustment in Room
• Exposure Light Unit
• Silk Screen(300-200 Grid)
• Emulsion
• Paint
• Squeegee
• Scoop
• Tape
• Dryer
• Water
• T- Shirts
We then processed these steps to the shirts of our requested choice. Completion to us as Artist!
On Thursday, July 18, we took a tour all through the Park of Allen Street to see what works we should fix. We were educated on the past Years of Immigrants that started to come to the United States as well as New York from their countries.
On Friday, July 19th we went to the Hester Street Park to take down a couple of solar panels that were up from the Chinese New Year celebration last year. Now just looking forward for a new project to start & promote.


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