Friday, August 07, 2009

One More Week Left !

The floor’s complete date was August 6, 2009! The last of the varnish was put down and the map is done. The floor has gotten dirty already and could be mopped now. I think it looks amazing. When you walk in here it looks like a completely different office area. Its brighter and more inviting for younger kids. The refridgerator has also been moved. It now sits under the shelf with a diagram of Manhattan for the room. It’s got a really light gray as a background color, blue for the island, and orange to indicate the room. There’s also a compass rose on it that’s traditional that took Alex to do because I was too afraid to mess up >.<
Yesterday was the first day in a week that I been to the garden. Much hasn’t changed though the strawberry plants are flowering. There should be some strawberries this summer; I just hope they don’t rot too quickly. I wonder whatever happened to the eggplants…they were gone when I went to check on the eggplant plants.
Yesterday, we all went to the Sara D. Roosevelt Park for the Hester St. Groundbreaking. It was a lot of fun and it was really interesting. Even though we had to carry a lot of mosaics to the park, when the only entrance was on Grand St. although we came up with a method for carrying a lot of blocks at once, it was a workout. There were a lot of people involved with not on the Parks department but coalitions, organizations, and commisoners. The majority of the crowd is kids from the Y, but the rest were people recognized in the community for their efforts. The speakers did a fine job and Dylan made a really nice speech on Annie’s behalf. Something especially fun was when Mike, a student at NYU was showing George and I the ropes of recording. It was really cute when the kids helped out with the groundbreaking. It was definitely a memorable day.
There are still a lot of loose end projects like taking down lanterns at Columbus Park. The back room still needs a lot of reorganizing, stuff needs to be put back in place.

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