Monday, October 20, 2008

T shirt design

Hi there this is Lequin Robinson here with news on what I’ve been working on for the past six weeks. Now where to begin lets see ill start from week 1 man was that week pretty rough trying to draw the letters for the p.s.134 community garden (t) shirt design and also trying to make it almost perfect. Then after that week 2 was even more exhausting doing the lettering that says (at the p.s.134 community garden) that took me at least 25 tries, but it was completely worth it cause I get to improve and learn something new. Soon after that I got to the computer and that was a whole other level of work although it was my first time using adobe Photoshop and illustrator, and just struggling to learn the keys and tools but that too is pretty fun, and this is weeks 4-6. But if I learned anything this past 6 weeks it would be that you shouldn’t be quick to want to give up on something that may help you on the long run.

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