Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Xing here!

Hey, Xing’s first posting here =D. We have been very busy at HSC lately because there were so many preparations that needed to be done for the Chinese New Year Celebration. Yanely, Wawa (Waeeny), and I were assigned series of projects to do before the big celebration. We had to come with different ways of fun things to do in relation to Chinese traditions, such as activities dealing with ancient Chinese zodiacs. Yanely worked on making finger puppets templates, Wawa did really cool masks, and I made many animal zodiac sketches that were later turned into labels and stamp designs. The stamps were really fun to make! Anyways, we also had lantern making, envelope making and cool facts about every single zodiac animals. We finally pulled everything off at the last minute and the party began. Very fun party! Most of the kids enjoyed the craft-making that we had prepared for them and the kids liked bunnies and dragons the most, which I thought was odd because all the others were very good too! The kids were hard to communicate with at first because they didn’t know what Chinese New Year was about and so we had to elaborate on that. Yanely was really good with the little kids but I don’t have much luck with them so this was a very good experience for me. It was frightening at first because I have never dealt with so many kids at once but nevertheless, it ended up fine. Phew =]. At the party, I helped the kids with making their own name tags and lucky red envelopes; and at the end, most of the kids knew their birthdays’ relation to what zodiac they are assigned to and the personalities of their zodiac signs. Our party with the kids went really well and one of the kids even made a name tag for Wawa =D. Wells, here are some pictures! Enjoy~
The room setup and our hard work on putting up the pretty lights. and look! there’s the minicake stand that everyone enjoyed eating. oh and there’s the kids making crafts =D
Sam making some lanterns….and a lot other crafts. She didn’t want to go home lol
the craft making station...there's alot of stuff going on there
US at work. (wawa, yanely, xing)

alrighty, ciao for now =]

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