Monday, January 29, 2007

Yay we're back again :D

Hello it's Fiona again :D
So it's almost a new month, and we're finally back to give you an update!
We split up into three groups for our agenda. Stephanie and Kevin went to the garden to inventory tools, while Jennifer and Jeffery ironed the finished T shirts, and Raymond and I continued to work on our designs.
We did a lot of progress for our designs. We decided what size the design is going to be for the T shirt.
After Jennifer and Jeffery ironed the T shirts, they've also inventory them. They also counted how many T shirts were already made, and placed them into the boxes.
Kevin and Stephanie came back from their trip to the garden, and went back downstairs to invetory the tools there. After they were done, they headed over to the computer to database their inventory.
Pictures will be up soon :D Farewell!

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