Saturday, December 23, 2006

December Update

Well, I guess we're making monthly updates now since we keep forgetting to update.

After we finished the documentary and presented it in November, we decided to take a break from working on the park and do some work on the garden. We cleaned up the garden and took all the signs down. We're going to have to make them differently since gluing paper signs onto wood didn't work so well; maybe we'll silkscreen them?
It was already December, so it started to get cold and we couldn't work outside anymore. At the office, we played with some designs on the t-shirts and practiced silkscreening.
Last week, Anne's friend, Jackie, came to interview us about the SDR documentary and youth media in general. It was pretty interesting. She gave us snacks after the interview :)
During the interview, Dylan silkscreened a lot of the shirts while Yanely ironed them. They looked really nice. I'd show you pictures if I had any.

Yesterday, Anne took us to the Museum of Modern Art. We looked at many different pieces, most of which were puzzling. I really liked the wallpaper with different frames in the piece. As a whole, it was an image of a brick wall. Within each brick, something different and unusual took place. Between the bricks, you could see cement dripping in random areas. It looked really cool. In one frame/brick, there was a smiley face (well, not really smiley, it had a blank facial expression) and next to it, there were geometric shapes, kind of like boxes, with faces on them too. Each one had a different expression... You couldn't even tell what emotions the objects were emitting because they were so strange. There was also a model of a building that's being constructed in China. It's GIGANTIC! Go check it out some time.

That's all for this month. Happy holidays!

- Steph


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