Monday, October 09, 2006

A Documentary? No way!

Hey, everyone! This is Steph. Yes, I'm back! So, we're just going to continue where we left off during the summer. We've got some new volunteers with us. Their names are Fiona, Winnie, Zhoudi, Kevin, and Jeffrey. Jennifer is still with us. Everyone else is just too busy for us and yeah, they're not cool. So far, we've been looking at other parks around the city. We went to Seward Park and a few playgrounds at Central Park. We also went to this park down the street. It looks like it's a private park for the building behind it, but I guess it's not. At those parks, we observed the population, the equipment, and uses. We plan on creating a documentary on park structures and everything that we observe. Our goal is to visit 10-15 parks upon completing the documentary. We're going to show the NYC Parks Dept. what we've been doing and hopefully, they will hear us out. We're still going to work on the P.S. 134 garden, but right now, we're really focusing on the SDR project more. Keep checking for more updates later.

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