Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gardening Today by Jenny

Hey. This is Jenny again reporting on the work in the garden. Today’s session has contributed to the construction, as usual. And as usual, today’s session has its pros and cons.

Well, lets talk about the cons first. What happened today that drove me crazy was when the little volunteers kept mistaking the real plants for weeds. We ended up having to replant several flowers. They didn’t know what a weed look like, so we tried to explain it was anything that looks like grass or has a red stem. It was so cute when this little girl replanted the leaves because she thought that it might grow into a tree. Others also became confused with the fact that grass is a weed. I guess we should have been more specific.

I guess another con would be that we could have better organized the gardening tasks for that day. We only fixed up the part of the garden that looked as thought need a lot of attention. Although that does help maintain a tamed appearance, nothing drastic has changed.

What I thought most improved today was the little kids from the camp kept looking through the fence and asked if they do some gardening, even though they were in the middle of playing dodge ball or basketball. I was so glad that kids just came in interested in working in the garden with us. Especially since it would take a pretty long time for 5 or 6 people to finish the gardening ourselves. I was hoping from our last session at the garden that we could influence the kids who volunteered last time to help out again, if it seemed more enjoyable than other activities. We could make friends with them so they wouldn’t hesitate to come help again. From today, I guess it was a success since so many kids came to garden. Some didn’t even tolerate the fact that they had to leave to eat lunch.
We were able to fix up parts of the garden that we always neglect, like the area under the bushes. We raked up all the leaves under there and surprisingly it made was a big difference. I didn’t think that people could tell that there were leaves under a bush. Well, the hard labor of raking paid off, so I hope the leaves on the bushes will stay there.

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